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Girls: *Playing Rock & Roll music* Anata No Tenkei-Tekina Anime!! Anata No Tenkei-Tekina Anime!! Which is Japanese for, which is Japanese for... *Drum solo* Your Typical Anime. *Guitar solo* Your Typical Anime. *Guitar solo* Your Typical Anime! 

Episode 2: Oh My Freaking God

Cassandra is with Addie, Eula, Stephanie, Kat, Marisa, and Stacey. They are walking through town.

Men: *Staring at Marisa*
Man 78: What does she think she's doing walking through town like that?
Marisa: *Slapping two men in the butt at the same time*
Stephanie: *Nervously looking at Marisa harassing the men*
Eula: What's wrong Steph?
Stephanie: I feel like Marisa is going to get herself into trouble.
Eula: Oh relax. She'll be fine.
Marisa: *Looking at a man wearing a red baseball cap backwards* I bet you have a nice cock!
Cap Man: *Giving Marisa a weird look*
Addie: Marisa, you know better than that.
Marisa: What?
Addie: You gotta get his friends to join you, and get them all to pull out their dicks. Then you fit as many of them as you can into your body.
Kat: She's right.

They walk inside.

Marisa: I have sex with more men than all of you put together. Why are you telling me how to do it?
Addie: I've been doing it longer, and I know how to give men the best time of their lives.

Masuke was nearby with her friends, Molly, Veronica, Theresa, Nicole, and Alinah.

Masuke: Oh is that a fact?

Cassandra & Her Friends turned around to face Masuke, and her group.

Masuke: We do a much better job at getting men laid.
Stephanie: Oh no.
Cassandra: And just how do you know that?!
Veronica: Because it's true.
Theresa: Who would want you to ride their cocks?
Marisa: Hey! I'm the sexiest girl ever! Every man wants me to ride their cocks!
Addie: Why don't we have a contest? We'll see who is better at sex.
Alinah: You're on.
Stephanie: *Gulps, closing her eyes as she blushes*

Later, the girls were talking to each other outside of a video store.

Molly: These cameras have 24 hour batteries. You are required to film yourselves having sex with other men. Once the 24 hours are up, you'll hear a beep from the camera.
Cassandra: I don't think we all need to be reminded on what you have to do to win.

Everyone except Stephanie laughed.

Stephanie: Addie, I really don't think I should be here. With me, the others are outnumbered. It would be best if I leave, and just do my own thing else where.
Addie: Are you kidding?
Stacey: We need you Stephanie. If you leave, it'll be 6 versus 6, but with you, we'll have the upper hand.
Stephanie: *Nervous* I guess you will.

As the girls were walking home, they found several men that wanted to have sex.

Cassandra: *Having sex with two men at once* I don't even wear underwear, making it easier for me to fuck you at once.
Addie: *Sucking a man's dick while shoving two more up her pussy, and ass*
Man 63: This girl is a slut.
Man 45: She really loves getting it on.
Man 88: *Having sex with Eula up the ass*
Eula: *Farts*
Man 88: That made my dick vibrate. It got harder!
Stacey: *Sucking a man's dick while having another one shoved up her ass*
Kat: *Having sex with a man* Oh my freaking god! This is spectacular!
Marisa: *Sucking a man's dick while rubbing two of them with her breasts, and having one up her butt, and vagina*

Meanwhile, Masuke's friends were doing things similar to what Cassandra, and her friends were up to. 

Fat Pat & Shirtless Shane: *Having sex with Veronica and Theresa*
Shirtless Shane: Here's our cameos that we mentioned earlier.

When the 24 hours were up, the two groups of friends sat down together at a Chinese restaurant to watch each other's footage. Stephanie was blushing nervously as the other girls exchanged videos.

Masuke: Ha! I beat Cassandra! She only got 21, while I got 24.
Nicole: I got 25.
Addie: 26.
Nicole: What?!
Eula: Oh dear. It looks like I got the least amount with 14.
Veronica: Ha! Oh. I got 27 by the way.
Stacey: 26.
Molly: 17. My cat videos don't count.

Everyone gave her an odd look.

Marisa: 50!
Kat: 52.
Marisa: *Pouts at Kat*
Kat: What?
Theresa: I only got 37.
Alinah: And I got 65.
Girls: What?!
Kat: How did you beat us?!
Alinah: Well, you see.... *Farts*
Men: *Get a hard on, and drag Alinah into the bathroom*

The bathroom shook, and everyone could hear the threesome Alinah was having with the two men.

Masuke: Too bad the contest is already over, otherwise her score would be at 67.
Cassandra: Let's add up our total points, and see which team is the winner.

Cassandra's team got a score of 189. Masuke's team got a score of 195.

Masuke: Haha! We won! Even your sluttiest friends Marisa, and Kat couldn't beat my girl.
Alinah: *Farts*
Eula: I seriously need to step up my game.

Ending theme 

Girls: The End!! *Playing Rock & Roll music* It's time to sing a song that doesn't make any sense. When the leaves fall, I'm going to fall with you. Though we may never see each other, I'll still have you in my heart, and it'll be great. What am I even saying?! My breasts, and butt are big. Your dick is very hard. It's time to go home, and create cheese pies! 

The End 

Song (Start at 0:20):… 

Fat Pat: Hello everyone! 
Shirtless Shane: Since this is Your Typical Anime, the two of us are making a pointless arrival to let you know what'll happen in the next episode. 
Fat Pat: Next up in Taco Bell. Alinah goes to a new fast food restaurant with Eula.
Shirtless Shane: And you don't want to know what happens next! Get your gas masks!! *Puts on a gas mask*



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